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The Hospital

Serving the West Island with pride and excellence since 1965


The Lakeshore General Hospital is an acute care institution committed to the diagnosis, treatment, and education of its patients. The Hospital, with 257 beds and over 1,200 employees, serves a population of 377,000 from Dorval to the the Ontario border and over 70,000 workers in our industrial and commercial parks who commute to the West Island daily. 


It was designated the first of five major Ambulatory Care Centres (ACC) on the Island of Montreal. It is situated close to major highway arteries such as Highways 40, 20, 13 and the 520 (Cote de Liesse) and is often called upon to treat and stabilize accident victims. Its emergency room is one of the busiest for distress cases in Montreal with over 72,000 visits annually. It performs as many thrombolyses (the breaking up of blood clots) as the Montreal Cardiac Institute.  The Hospital prides itself on its patient centred care, excellence and professionalism in all techniques practiced, and committed, innovative employees at all levels of the organization. Nurses from neighbouring CEGEPs train at the hospital, gaining valuable insight and hands on experience.


The Lakeshore General Hospital, built in 1965 to serve a population of 90,000, underwent an expansion and renovation in 2002.  The new Ambulatory Care Centre expansion almost doubled the size of the Hospital and brought over 30 new specialized outpatient clinics, leading-edge diagnostic services, laboratories, operating theatres and recovery rooms to our community. These changes have eased the overburdened emergency room and have ensured that our community has access to quality health care in its own backyard.  The new ACC continues to redefine how health care is delivered to the West Island community.


Aerial view of the new wing.
Aerial view of the new wing

The section highlighted in yellow is the new wing which was completed in 2003.  The new wing houses ultra-modern laboratories (5th floor), comfortable new patient rooms (4th and 3rd floors), state-of-the-art operating rooms, surgical day service and Intensive Care Unit (2nd floor), and part of the new the Ambulatory Care Centre (1st floor).

Phase II of the construction renovated the original building.  The entire first floor of the new and existing building became the Ambulatory Care Centre at the Lakeshore General Hospital with over 30 clinics designed to revolutionize health care in the West Island.

Since June 2004, the hospital has been part of the West Island Health and Social Services Centre (WI HSSC),  a group of health care institutions working together to provide integrated and superior health care to the population of the West Island.  The WI HSSC includes the LGH, the CLSC Lac St-Louis, the CLSC Pierrefonds and the Centre d'hébergement Denis-Benjamin Viger.






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